10 stunning benefits of honey for health


Honey has a low humidity composition and is extremely acidic, reason why the bacteria and microorganisms can not grow in it. Honey has been used since ancient times to cure and treat various diseases, as well as to disinfect wounds and prevent the spread of bacteria.



Besides all the beneficial to health medicinal properties that honey has, it has exquisite taste qualities, a quality that allows using it to sweeten juices, soft drinks, teas and other home-made dishes. Honey is an excellent substitute for refined sugar.

Ten benefits of honey to health

  1. Improves the digestion
  2. Lows cholesterol and improves blood pressure
  3. Has antiseptic properties to heal wounds
  4. Helps relieves coughs and colds
  5. Helps fight skin alergies
  6. Helps combat heart problems
  7. Prevents constipation
  8. Improves metabolism
  9. Helps you relax by releasing the body serotonin
  10. Improves the immune system

Besides all this, honey is rich in nutrients that provide instant energy to the body, it is ideal for people who exercise to maintain proper energy levels and prevent fatigue.


We can benefit from all the properties of honey with simply consuming one or two tablespoons of honey a day.

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