10 tips to make cleaning as new the items that you cleaned before bad

Nobody likes to clean but you need to do it to maintain the household hygiene and to prevent bacteria to expand our house.

However, many times we fail to clean everything in our home, so dirt particles accumulate and may even impair the objects in which they accumulate.

Quiet! Do not despair because this article will teach you all the secrets so you can maintain the cleanliness of your home easily and comfortably, with very good results.

So if you are thinking of doing general cleaning this weekend, read on to know all the amazing cleaning tips we have for you.

10 tips to make cleaning as new the items that you cleaned before bad


1. Cleaning the grill

To clean the grill you should avoid using soap and water because the smell of soap is impregnated on the grill and contaminates with its aroma and taste the food you want to cook on it.

So to thoroughly clean a grill you should rub on it a halved onion, plain and simple. This is because onions contain powerful antiseptic and antiviral properties that help eliminate harmful microorganisms to our health that can be hosted on a grill. Also, if the smell or taste of the onion impregnate on the grid, this will help your food is tastier.

2. Cleaning the blender

The blender is a difficult element to clean and we generally spend a lot of water and detergent to make it perfectly clean.

Keep it simple because cleaning the blender is much easier. You just have to fill it with water and a few drops of dishwasher and put it to function normally. You see, the blender is clean and you only need to rinse and dry it.

3. Cleaning the microwave

Cleaning the microwave oven can be a nightmare for more than one because a lot of spilled food accumulates on it. In addition, this accumulation of food and fat creates an excellent breeding ground for bacteria.

Do not worry because cleaning the microwave oven is quite simple. What you should do is heat for five minutes half a glass of apple cider vinegar and half water. Once the five minutes have passed, let stand until lukewarm, then clean the walls of the microwave oven with it. This will remove all microorganisms that are there.

4. Cleaning the top of the shower

There are two problems with the shower head: first, we always forget to clean it, and second, the moisture causes it lama or rust buildup.

So how can we clean the shower head? You simply line it with a bag, add vinegar and let rest for an hour. Very easy!

5. Cleaning mattress

It seems contradictory that we never cleanse the mattress where we sleep every night but we generally do not know how to perform a cleanup.

To clean the mattress is advisable to leave it for an hour venting outdoors to combat mites and bacteria that generate odor. However, leaving the mattress outdoors can also accumulate other harmful microorganisms to health.

For this reason, we recommend that you put a little vodka in a spray bottle and spray the mattress with this liquid. It is a recipe that really kills all bacteria that could harm your health.

6. Cleaning blinds

The blinds accumulate much dirt because they are in constant contact with the external environment. The problem is to that we should clean them regularly to avoid they ruin, but cleaning is usually quite cumbersome.

An easy way to remove all debris from the blinds is wiping them with an old sock, seeking to reach the most difficult parts. The sock will absorb all the dust and allow you not tired of cleaning the blinds.

7. Cleaning pans

There is always some other food stuck in the pans is normal. However, our custom is to remove these remnants with cleaning with chemical additives for degreasing, which besides damaging our health, negatively affects the environment.

To remove the fat that accumulates on pans and food scraps left in them, we recommend that you prepare a mixture of water and a lot of salt, then rub the pan with this mixture and a sponge. You will be amazed to see how easily the fat is removed.

8. Cleaning the grater

Cleaning the grater after grating cheese is quite difficult and makes spend lots of water, soap and strength to leave it spotless and preventing the remains of cheese that then make off odor build up.

In reality, cleaning the grater is very simple: you just have to grate a potato with it and then rinse thoroughly. The potato is a great ally in this regard because it contains oxalic acid, an element that helps to remove traces of cheese.

9. Cleaning of wooden boards

The wooden boards tend to accumulate a lot of dirt because food scraps and absorb moisture, providing an excellent environment for bacteria to grow. In fact, the wooden boards can be even dirtier than a bath.

The best way to clean the wooden boards is with hydrogen peroxide or with a little lemon juice and salt. This will help you to remove all microorganisms that could make you sick.

10. Cleaning the bathtub

Clean the bathtub is very cumbersome, but not with this trick: prepare a mixture with grapefruit juice and salt and then rub it in the tub. You can even make this easier by rubbing directly grapefruit, without squeezing the juice.

These tricks will help you keep the household hygiene with very little effort. Share the secret with your family and friends.