2 antioxidant juices that remove cancer cells


The word antioxidant has become very popular in recent years. In fact there are a lot of traditional brands of drinks and yogurts which have launched new products with a common denominator, their antioxidant properties so in demand.

Since 1998, this term minted by Halliwel and Gutteridge has been used to designate any substance capable of slowing or preventing the oxidation. This will require to convey to our body certain trace elements such as copper, zinc, selenium, iron or manganese because they form part of the active core of antioxidant enzymes.


Something very important is that with the antioxidants we will delay the natural aging process and help the destruction of cells that free radicals cause (cancer cells often), while we are preventing the emergence of many diseases.

In some measure,our body is unable to neutralize all the degenerative action to which we are exposed daily, so we should eat foods rich in antioxidants.



Juice of grapes, cherries, strawberries and plumbs

  • Half cup of cherries
  • Half cup of strawberries
  • Half cup of grapes
  • Half cup of plumbs
  • Water and two tablespoons of honey


Mix all ingredientes in a blender, then strain the resulting juice. Drink it freshly made to harness all properties of antioxidants.

Juice of tomato and alfalfa


  • A portion of alfalfa sprouts
  • A ripe tomato
  • Some parsley
  • Two tablespoons of sunflower seeds
  • Two lemons



Mix all ingredients in a blender, then strain the resulting juice. Drink it freshly made.

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