Banana diet: the most effective diet.


If you’re looking to lose weight, the banana diet is a great choice because of the effectiveness and speed with which it operates. Best of all is that the banana, it is very easy to get anywhere and easy to prepare. You just need a bit of determination to start losing kilos with this diet of bananas.

The banana, the most consumed intertropical fruit in the world, is an excellent ally for weight loss because it causes satiety instantly providing very few calories. Continue reading if you want to know everything about the banana diet.


Banana diet: the most effective diet.

banana diet

Banana diet was designed by the Japanese doctor Hitoshi Watanabe and his wife, the pharmaceutical Osaka, who popularized it in 2008 in their book “The regime of the banana diet in the morning”.

This diet is very effective. In fact Hitoshi Watanabe himself wrote about it from his experience since he lost 17 kilos by following this diet plan.

What is the banana diet?

The banana diet simply involves eating all the bananas you want for breakfast accompanying it with water at room temperature. Then you can eat whatever you want for lunch and dinner, you are just not allowed to eat desserts. What to eat as a snack between meals? Bananas, of course.

Rules of the banana diet to lose weight

1. Breakfast

Eat banana at breakfast (the most recommended is to consume 4 small bananas). But do not eat so much that you feel full. Note that bananas should only be eaten raw.

2. Lunch and dinner

You can eat whatever you want and all the quantity you want for lunch and dinner because this banana diet prohibits following strict rules when eating to avoid a feeling of deprivation. However, you should not eat any dessert.

You should always eat until you feel satisfied and not until you’re full and you can not move. Note that, in addition, the dinner should be taken before 8 pm.

3. Drink only water

The only drink you can drink is water, preferably mineral or filtered. Not only that, the water should be at room temperature. However, the great advantage of this diet is that in social situations you are allowed to drink wine or beer.

4. Do not skip meals

Banana diet recommends taking five daily meals to avoid binge eating. It would be best to eat bananas or other fruits, but this diet claims that if you crave something sweet, you should not deprive yourself.

5. Go to bed early

It is recommended to go to sleep before midnight. Try that four hours have passed since you had dinner until you go to sleep (because of that it is recommended to have dinner at 8 pm).

6. Work out only when you want

Banana diet postulates that you do not have to make physical activity if you do not want. However, it recommends a daily walk to speed up metabolism and avoid stress.

Why the banana diet helps lose weight?

  • The banana provides satiety with low calorie (89 calories per 100 grams)
  • It helps regulate blood glucose levels
  • Its large amount of fiber helps regulate the intestinal transit
  • The room temperature water helps speed metabolism and burn fat more easily.

Try the banana diet and lose those extra kilos easily and without pain.

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