Benefits of lemon cure to improve health


When we are sick we turn to the doctor, who offers us a diagnosis and an appropriate treatment based on chemical drugs.

However, as the popular saying goes, prevention is better than cure. But what do we do to prevent getting sick? The key is to keep a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.


Among the habits to adopt to stay healthy, we recommend the lemon cure, which helps boost our immune system naturally and effectively. However, keep in mind that it is not a magic remedy, but the lemon cure allows us to achieve an inner balance that will be reflected on the outside.

If you are interested in incorporating the lemon cure to your life, read on because in this article we will teach you all about it.

Benefits of lemon cure to improve health

lemon cure

Lemon is, without doubt, a super food. This is because this fruit contains adequate levels of water, vitamins and minerals, providing a small amount of fats and sugars. In addition, lemon differs from other fruits for being a rich source of vitamin C, citric acid and malic acid.

Due to its high level of acidity, lemon does not sit well with everyone. However, the key is to find the right dose for each.

In this sense, when you feel that the dose of lemon in the cure is too much for you, reduce the lemon juice by half or add more water.

You will notice that when you start drinking this cure every day, your body will change completely for the better. However, you should be the one that finds the perfect dose of lemon for you.

Among the benefits that lemon cure has for our body we have:

1. Increased alkalinity for the body

Having an alkaline body is very beneficial for various reasons. This is because the vast majority of the food we consume daily (soft drinks, sugar, refined flour, pizza, bakery products, red meat, white rice) have components that act as acidifying. Its consumption causes our cells must work harder to remove all toxic and organic residues that these foods have, causing an excess of work for our kidneys and livers and blood murkier.

So what lemon does to our bodies? The lemon helps us achieve a balanced pH. This is achieved thanks to the alkalinity that gives us an internal regulation that allows us to absorb minerals in places where there are no deposits of toxic and fats that make it harder for the blood circulation.

So, by adding lemon to our daily diet we can get a more alkaline body which is able to maintain our good health.

2. Mineralization and clearance of the body

Many people do not consume lemon because they believe their “acidity” attacks the bones and lowers the level of red blood cells. However, in reality the opposite happens. That is because this alleged “acidity” of the lemon when reaches our stomach becomes alkaline which, as mentioned above, allows assimilate the nutrients more favorably.

If you suffer from anemia, for example, lemon helps you easily absorb iron your body needs thanks to its high levels of vitamin C.

In addition, the large amount of vitamins and minerals that lemon has help us to improve the functioning of the immune system by strengthening the defenses, allowing us to avoid the various diseases that can afflict us.

Also, the lemon cure helps us to achieve cleansing of the body because it helps digesting the fat, reduces the inflammation and eliminates toxic substances naturally through the digestive system.

3. Improves heart function

Lemon is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. For this reason, the lemon cure will help you to improve the health of your veins and arteries because it regulates the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, reducing the risk of hypertension, removes plaque that accumulates fat in the arteries, allowing arteries and veins to be more elastic.

Discover the lemon cure to improve and debug your health



  • The juice of half organic lemon
  • 200 ml water (a glass)


  1. Get an organic lemon. This step may seem that can be avoided, but the reality is that today lemons that are not organic lose most of the vitamins and minerals that characterize this fruit. For this reason, be sure to see where the lemon is from and if it has been grown without pesticides.
  2. Then, heat 200 ml of water. Note that it should be warm because it helps boost the medicinal benefits of lemon.
  3. Avoid mixing lemon with very cold or very hot water.
  4. Squeeze half a lemon for juice and mix well with the warm water.


Drink the lemon cure for four days while fasting and on an empty stomach. Rest a week and do the cure for four days again, and so on.

If you feel the juice of half a lemon is too much for you, reduce the amount of lemon or dilute it with more water. Note that the cure of lemon also helps treat gastritis.


While lemon seems acid, when it enters to the body becomes alkali which neutralizes acidity that other foods cause. If you’re thinking about starting a new healthy lifestyle, do not hesitate to add the lemon cure to your usual routine.

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