Cure your varicose veins with a mixture of aloe vera, carrot and apple cider vinegar


Varicose veins can be generated by different factors and they are quite annoying for the sufferer, both for aesthetic and in the sense of health.

Some of the most common causes that produce varicose veins are:


  • Genetics
  • Aging
  • Lack of exercise
  • Sudden hormonal changes
  • Restrictions on blood circulation

The good news is that there are natural remedies to counteract varicose veins and their diseases, and one of the most effective natural remedies is the mixture of aloe vera, carrot and apple cider vinegar. We show you how to prepare it below.


Mixture of aloe vera, carrot and apple cider vinegar

This is an easy mix to prepare, and it contains readily available ingredients, which you can get at any local market.


  • Half cup of carrots
  • Half cup of aloe vera pulp
  • Apple cider vinegar


The preparation of this mixture consists in add the chopped carrot and aloe vera pulp in a blender, then proceed to beat these ingredients. During the process, add apple vinegar until a homogeneous mixture is formed with a consistency similar to a cream.

Instructions for using it

Apply the mixture on the affected areas of the legs and then put your feet up for 30 minutes. Then after 30 minutes, remove the mixture with cold water.


You can use this mixture several times a day for best results. Remember to use it every day so you can see the desired results.
Remember to make short walks every day to help your body to have a proper circulation.

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