Did you know that your bed is full of these parasites? Find out how to remove them.


Dust mites are tiny parasites that feed on the dead skin that expelled while sleeping, that’s why the ideal place for the proliferation of mites is the bed where you sleep.

A mattress can host about 1.5 million of these little pests, the image of these seems like if it was out of a horror movie, it is estimated that there are about 500,000 species of mites


Mites affect your health causing allergic problems, both in the skin and airways.

Tricks to kill mites


It turns out that removing the covers of your bed after you wake up and leave it unmade as long as possible eliminates mites from your mattress. These were the results showed of a study made by the University of Kingstone.

In the study it was observed that when removing the sheets on your bed, which is where the food source of the mites (where the dead skin from us is) they die from dehydration.

This way you can eliminate the mites from your mattress in a natural way without any chemical use.


One of the main advantages of eliminating this parasites is that you will significantly reduce the risk of having allergies or infections produced by mites.

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