Exercises to eliminate double chin


Double chin is a layer of subcutaneous fat that hangs below the chin. While it is common in obese and elderly people, it often can appear in young people with a normal weight because the muscle is not used frequently.

Because it is an aesthetic evil, over than one wonders how to remove the double chin. The first answer that emerges is liposuction, an invasive and expensive procedure that leaves a visible scar as a result.


So, is there a natural way to remove the double chin? Of course, there always is. We are talking, no more and no less than of exercises that we can perform to fight double chin quite naturally if we performed them daily. These exercises help you to tighten, tone and build the platysma. Read on to learn all about them.

Exercises to eliminate double chin

double chin

If you perform these exercises every day, you can see how your double chin is gradually disappearing. After you have built the muscle, keeping it will be much easier and will require less effort.

1. Open the mouth

This exercise is really simple. You just have to open your mouth as wide as you can and pull the tongue as if you wanted to touch your chin with it. You must keep this position for 10 seconds, making the exercise 10 times with 5 seconds of resting between each other. Perform this exercise and see how the muscle of the chin works in its tone.

2. Hang the head

Lie on a flat surface and let your head hang over the edge. Then lift your chin closer to your chest. You should count ten seconds while you are in that position and then gently relax. Repeat this exercise 10 times, resting 5 seconds of each other. Avoid this exercise if you have lower back problems.

3. Lift the chin

Place yourself standing upright with your back and neck straight. Try to avoid moving your neck and stretch your chin toward the ceiling, pursing your lips as if you were giving a kiss. Count 10 seconds while you remain in this position. Repeat 10 times resting 5 seconds of each other exercise. This exercise will help you to tone the muscles of the neck.

4. Twist the neck

Place yourself standing with your spine straight and turn your head to the side so that your chin remains parallel to the shoulder. Look at a fixed point and move your head down and up like you’re saying yes. Perform this exercise 20 times on one side and 20 times on the other.

5. Exercise the platysma

The platysma is a muscle that is located in the area of the jaw and the neck. To tone this muscle you should stand erect with your neck straight and tighten the tendons in your jaw, for that you must pull the lips upward over the teeth and you should down the corners of your mouth (think you should do something similar to pucker brow). Hold it for 10 seconds and then rest 5 seconds. To achieve effective results, repeat this exercise 10 times.

6. Exercise with tennis ball

This exercise is very easy to do because you just have to put a tennis ball against your throat and hold it in that position with your chin. Seek to pressure hard the ball from the chin. Hold the position for 10 seconds, rest for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.

Note that these exercises are only effective if they are done daily. You must also compliment these exercises with a healthy diet, with regular physical activity and drinking two liters of water per day.


Make these simple exercises to eliminate double chin and you will be able to show your neck shamelessly. Share the secret with your family and friends.

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