Exterminate cockroaches easily and naturally in just 24 hours


Cockroaches are pests that can be difficult to eradicate once they are hosting a habitat. Insecticides usually only mitigate the problem, but then the eggs left by cockroaches proliferate and the plague continues. Another negative point of insecticides is the pollution they produce to the environment and the toxic problems they can cause to human health.

The more intelligent and natural way to eliminate cockroaches is with natural homemade alternatives, which does not have such high pollution impact that the insecticides have.


Natural remedy to exterminate cockroaches


Our main ingredient is boric acid, which is an antiseptic for domestic use, which is not harmful to humans or pets. You can get the boric acid in drugstores and super markets.

The boric acid produces insects’ death by dehydration.


  • 2 tablespoons of boric acid
  • 3 ounces of water
  • A piece of bread


Put in a bowl 3 ounces of water and add 2 tablespoons of boric acid, then proceed to mix well. Finally soak the piece of bread in this mixture and place it close to the places frequented by cockroaches.

Within 24 hours you will see the result of this great remedy. Anyway we recommend that you continue using this remedy every two days for at least two weeks, so that you eliminate the offspring that cockroaches could leave and you can completely destroy the pest.



This remedy is very practical and easy to use. Try it!

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