French tricks to lose weight

You may have noticed that the French keep in line and most of them are thin. But, what is this due to? Well, their body type is not genetic but has all to do with their diet.

This article will teach various tricks to lose weight with the French way. Take notes and put them into action.

French tricks to lose weight

lose weight

While 33% of Latin Americans are obese, only 11% of the French population suffers from obesity. However, the French do not skip meals or are concerned about their weight, unlike what happens in Latin America, where various diets are followed constantly because the weight can be a cause of sleeplessness.

So what is the key? It seems that the main point is to eat varied but in moderation. Read on to find out what these French tricks to lose weight are about.

1. Quality and not quantity

The French want the best products regardless of price. They are not in agreement with eating products with preservatives and chemicals, not because they want to lose weight, but because they simply struggle for the quality of food.

2. Variety in moderation

The French tend to eat more varied and less. They are tasting a bit of everything and avoid eating a big serving of the same food. This is so because they are big fans of food.

3. Consumption of fruits and vegetables

The French are big consumers of fruits and vegetables. Often they combine them with other foods and they are not afraid of the bittersweet food. Also, they prefer to consume fruits and vegetables freshly harvested, which have no chemical additives and retain their natural nutrients.

4. Consumption of bread

As you know, bread is an essential ingredient of the French diet. This may seem strange but in fact the homemade bread is very healthy. Try making homemade breads of seeds, rye or oats.

5. Food Plan

The French have an essential trick that keeps the quality of the meals and this is planning what they are going to eat before. This is very important because it prevents us from falling into pre-cooked and processed foods full of calories and carbohydrates.

6. Enjoy your food

It may be easier to think of enjoying meals but the reality is that in general we do not, either because we are in a hurry or because we are entertained with other things like TV or mobile phone. However, relaxed and chew slowly eating is one of the keys to weight loss because it allows us to stop eating when we feel the sensation of satiety.

7. Drink water

The French recognize the importance that water has for health and therefore consume several liters daily. Consuming at least two liters of water per day is essential to keep the line because the water creates a feeling of fullness while it accelerates the metabolic process.

8. Drink wine

Wine is also an essential ingredient of any French diet. However, all the French know they should drink it in moderation. Note that a glass of wine with meals helps limit the calorie intake.

If you want to be like the French that are always thin, try these tips and…voilà!