How to discover an egg’s age.


Eggs are very nutritious, they have a high amount of protein and vitamins, its proteins have excellent biological values, that’s why they are one of the foods most consumed by bodybuilders.

Eggs are eaten in different cultures and in different ways, even combined with a long number of foods and are used in countless recipes. There are many myths and controversies over the eggs, for example, a very popular controversy is that if egg is bad for cholesterol or if it is not (we will not go into this controversial topic right now, ‘cause this article has another purpose)


How to know the age of an egg


Guide yourself with the figure above, to determine the age of the eggs, this way you’ll know when they can be eaten and when not, eggs are an extraordinary food, but like every food it’s always better to consume it when it’s fresh.


Remember not to consume eggs that remain floating in the water, ‘cause these means that they aren’t really fresh and they could be damaged.


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