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Losing weight with walks

Taking walks every day is very effective to improve the functioning of the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, to increase muscle tone and to feel good about ourselves, but also walks are a great ally to lose the extra pounds. Read on to learn how to lose weight walking.

Many people consider that the walks are not effective for weight loss because they are quieter than other activities. However, this is not true. The reality is that the walks will help you lose weight if you perform them daily and in an appropriate pace, allowing us to burn body fat that has been accumulated for energy. To show you an example, walking 60 minutes at a speed that takes your heart rate to the 70% of the capacity, will allow you to burn an 85% of calories accumulated as fat.

To lose weight walking is best to take long walks at the fastest pace possible, since this helps to burn fat and gain muscle mass.


Before you start walking note:

  1. First you should get a medical checkup to rule out any disease you have that avoids you walking.
  2. Purchase sportswear and shoes with special soles for hiking
  3. Choose roads that are cute to your view to encourage you to walk.
  4. Be aware of the benefits of walking to lose weight and set walking as a daily priority.
  5. Start gradually and with short walks

Tips to lose weight walking

  • Don’t stretch the legs when walking to achieve a faster pace as this may cause injury. Just stretch your legs as you normally do, don’t push yourself.
  • Start with a normal step and go up the pace. Ideally, you should walk fast but without overstretching your legs.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed and the chest right. You should feel comfortable and enjoy the exercise.
  • The Hips should move continuously but naturally, without pain or discomfort. You will see that as you go increasing your walks, hips begin to gain greater mobility.
  • As for your feet, you must first tread with the heel and then the toes to give impetus. This will help you go faster, with less effort and avoiding injuries.
  • Keep your head facing forward. Avoid looking up or down as this can make you dizzy and fall.
  • Put your navel inward in order to maintain the back straight and walk more easily.
  • It’s very important that you balance your arms bent at 90 ° because these are the ones that give you the impulse to walk.
  • As long as you walk have an abdominal breathing (inflating the abdomen with air and then releasing it by mouth) as a good amount of air will allow you to be active longer.
  • In the last minutes, walk at a moderate pace to keep blood circulating stop abruptly.

If you are very busy and have little time, you can make four 15-minute walks a day to achieve a daily walk of 60 minutes almost without noticing. In addition to those 15 minutes will help you clear your everyday worries. You can start with avoiding the bus and going to places by foot.


If you do not like sports, try walking to help you clear your mind and get in shape.