Making a decorative cactus with stones

Many times we want to decorate our house with plants but we do not have time to take care for them or we simply are not green hand.

This article will teach you how to create a decorative cactus so that, with a little of creativity, you could fill your home with color without spending money.

Making a decorative cactus with stones


To create this decorative cactus you just need a few items and a little time to make it. Note that anyone can do it, you do not need to know much about crafts.


  • Flat stones of different sizes
  • Pot of soil
  • Green acrylic paint (the green tones you want)
  • White permanent marker
  • Small stones

Steps to follow

  1. Paint the stones you have collected with different shades of green acrylic paint. Remember it is not necessary to purchase different shades, because it can be mixed with other colors to form them
  2. Let the paint dry
  3. Once the paint is dry, paint the stones with white indelible marker drawings that simulate the spines of a cactus. You can make dots, stripes or whatever you prefer.
  4. Let the white paint dry
  5. If you want the tone remains shinier, you can paint with varnish. The varnish also allows the painting to remain longer.
  6. After the paint has dried well, place the stones in a pot of soil in the way that you prefer and decorate with small stones around.

This idea is very original to fill the house with color, while adapting to any type of style you have in your home. Moreover, it is a very original and inexpensive gift if you have a birthday or some kind of event. People often are pleased when they get gifts that were produced by the very hands of those who give it away because that denotes love.

You do not have to live in the desert to have your own cactus. Put to work and make this beautiful decorative cactus made of stones.