Making your beer bottles into glasses

Today, you do not need to throw anything because everything can be recycled. This article will teach you how to create very modern glasses reusing old beer bottles.

Read and set to work to fill your cupboard with original glasses.

Making your beer bottles into glasses


The beauty of this recycling activity is that you can create new glasses without spending a cent, you just need a little creativity and patience.


  • Bottles
  • Cotton yarn
  • Sanding
  • Nail polish remover (acetone)
  • Lighter
  • Bowl of ice water and ice

Steps to follow

  1. Put nail polish remover in a bowl and place within it the cotton yarn so it is completely soak with nail polish remover
  2. Leave the yarn a few seconds in the bowl so the liquid penetrate well into it. It is recommended that the yarn is twisted to absorb better the acetone, but you can still locate it without twisting
  3. Wrap the bottle with the thread around for it is located above the beer label. Be careful that the thread is neat, well-focused and leveled around the bottle because from there it will be cut to the glass
  4. Locate the bottle in front of the container filled with ice water and ice
  5. Grab the bottle by the neck and ignited with the igniter wire
  6. Spin the bottle for 20 or 30 seconds, so that the heat affects all areas of the bottle evenly. Be careful not to burn
  7. After those seconds, dip the bottle into the icy water. You will see that the bottle breaks easily where the cotton yard was located
  8. Review the edges with sandpaper so it will not hurt you when you drink
  9. Fill the glass with your favorite liquid and drink!

Reusing old bottles is also a good way to help improve the environment. Note that in addition to not spending money when creating these glasses with old bottles, you can even make money selling them, as they are very nice and many people will want to buy them.

If you have many old bottles of beer without using, follow these steps to create beautiful glasses with them.