Natural remedies for vaginal yeast


Vaginal fungus is a disease which original name is candidiasis, among its unpleasant symptoms are; itching and irritation of the female genital area, this type of disease is fairly common and is often accompanied with vaginal discharge.

The best chance of getting vaginal yeast infection is by having sexual relations, but there are other situations that promote candidiasis.


Once a woman is diagnosed with vaginal yeast, it is best to increase daily hygiene, considering not use soaps or products that damage the female ph. as this would be more counterproductive and inhibits the recovery.

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You can use some of these natural remedies to get rid of vaginal yeast.

Remedy 1:

Add to one liter of water 1 teaspoon of apple vinegar. Use this remedy to clean your intimate area in order to combat those pesky vaginal yeast.

Remedy 2:

In one liter of water, add several teaspoon of chamomile tea, clean yourself with this preparation.

Remedy 3:


Blend a liter of water with a clove of garlic, then strains it and use the resulting liquid, heat the preparation and use it in sitz baths. Fungal properties of garlic will help to eliminate vaginal yeast quickly.










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