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Natural repellent for mosquitoes and ants

In general, we all want ward off our skin to from mosquitoes, those noisy insects that invade us in summer and leave painful bites us when they suck our blood. And, what to say about the ants, those little insects that can destroy our house with their nests?

In this sense, we all want to ward off mosquitoes and ants in our environment, but the problem is that repellents that are sold in the market are highly toxic, both for us and for the environment, due to their chemical content. So what to do to prevent the spread of mosquitoes and ants all around us?

Do not despair, because there is a natural solution to repel these insects based on the use of ground coffee. This article will show you how to prepare and use it.

Natural repellent for mosquitoes and ants

natural repellent

As the US Environmental Protection Agency says, using coffee grounds as a natural repellent is highly recommended because it is effective and it does not harm the environment or our body.


  • 1 coffee ground
  • 1 plate
  • A foil
  • A metal tank


  1. Place the dregs of ground coffee in a bowl covered with foil and place it in a cool place until the coffee is completely dry
  2. Once dry, place on a flat surface outdoors (can be a garden table or pot). Put it in a place that is difficult to access for pets and children
  3. With the help of a metal deposit, burn until you feel the smell of ground coffee and it starts to smoke

Simple as that, this natural repellent starts to act quickly. Also, you can form a line with coffee grounds on a flat surface and turning aside so that it will burn until it reaches the other end.

To kill ants, it is better to spread the ground coffee on the spot in which the ants move. This will take away air and will stop the ants moving around.

Another very effective natural repellent can be made from bay leaves. As you can see, both coffee and the bay are two ingredients of strong scent that can be even pleasant for human smell but it is very invasive for small insects so it helps to get them away.

Try this effective natural repellent and you will no longer suffer from the constant presence of mosquitos and ants.