Natural treatment to cure angina pectoris


Have you ever suffered from angina, the disease that causes us pain in the chest and difficulty swallowing and speaking? Probably many of you that are reading have suffered angina sometime in your life. This article will teach you to treat this condition with natural elements.

What is?


Angina is a heart condition that causes chest pain product from insufficient blood supply to the heart muscle, which means, lack of necessary blood for the proper functioning of the heart. It is a tight feeling behind the breastbone that extends to the left arm. The pain that people feel when they have angina can range from very mild to strong and oppressive pain. Also angina can last between 1 and 10 minutes, although in severe cases lasts up to an hour.


Overall, angina is caused by situations of higher than normal physical effort because it is present when there is a partial obstruction of a coronary artery. So, we are more likely to develop angina under stress, nervousness, excitement or too much exercise. However, there are certain factors that aggravate the situation as cholesterol, obesity, smoking, hypertension or heart disease.

Although angina is not abnormal and it happens often, usually it occurs in men over age of 30 and women after menopause because estrogen causes a protective effect on the heart, so that after the decline of estrogen, due to the disappearance of ovulation, the number of women affected by angina equals the number of men.

Homemade remedies for angina

Nature provides several elements that help us to reduce cholesterol levels and improve blood circulation and heart function to prevent angina. Here we show you how to use them.

  1. Green tea
    Green tea helps reduce the chances of suffering from angina since this lowers cholesterol, strengthens the heart and thins the blood, protecting you from heart disease. We recommend you drink three cups of green tea a day.
  2. Artichoke
    The artichoke is effective in reducing blood cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure and preventing atherosclerosis. To consume it, you must first chop two artichoke leaves into small pieces. Put a liter of water to boil and once it is boiling, add the artichoke leaves. Boil for half an hour and remove it from heat. Then, filter the artichoke to have pure water. Consume this artichoke drink before each meal.
  3. Garlic
    Garlic allows more fluid circulation, prevents thrombus formation and lowers cholesterol. For these reasons it is recommended to prevent angina. To consume, drink ½ teaspoon of garlic macerated with 400 grams of wine, this is because the moderate consumption of wine improves blood circulation and increases levels of antioxidants. This drink should be drunk one hour before bedtime.
  4. Willow
    Willow bark contains similar properties to aspirins used to improve heart function. Thus, the willow has anticoagulant effects that prevent the formation of thrombi and analgesic effects that help reduce pain. To consume it, boil a teaspoon of willow bark in a cup of water for five minutes. It is advisable to consume this remedy every two hours.

However, always make a change of habits to prevent angina. That is, it is important to start exercising gradually, avoiding stress, quitting smoking, maintaining low levels of cholesterol and hypertension and conduct a healthy diet, avoiding foods that are high in saturated fats and high in salt.


Try these natural remedies to treat angina. However, if the pain is continuous, do not forget to consult your doctor.

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