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Recipes to reduce swelling of the abdomen

Are you dieting but you fail to have a flat stomach? Most likely this is due to an inflammation of the stomach which, in turn, can provoke discomfort and may even lead you to develop other conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome. The causes of this condition include a wide spectrum ranging from intolerance to certain foods or eating in the wrong position. However, in general, we just need a debugger to reduce swelling. This article will teach you to prepare different recipes that will help fight inflammation of the stomach to have a flat stomach.

Recipes to reduce swelling of the abdomen


These recipes are made exclusively with pure and natural ingredients that are widely available. If you try these recipes and swelling of the abdomen is not reduced, it is advisable that you visit your doctor to rule out a more serious disease.

1. Grapefruit and apple juice

High levels of vitamins and minerals that has the grapefruit help regulate metabolism, allowing improve the functioning of digestion and eliminate fluid retention. Apple also helps eliminate swelling because of its for its antioxidant properties.

To prepare this recipe you need to squeeze a grapefruit, filter to avoid the seeds and place it in a glass. In this juice is added half grated apple. Mix well to make a smooth paste with both fruits. Then, drink. This procedure is done every morning on an empty stomach until the stomach is no longer bloated. If you need to sweeten, you can add a tablespoon of honey, but it is better to avoid it.

2. Celery and carrot juice

Celery is use to deflate the abdomen since it destroys bacteria and fungi that are housed in the stomach while facilitating debugging. Regarding the carrot, it helps to maintain intestinal health and prevent food poisoning due to its high content of beta carotene.

To prepare the juice you need to wash, peel and boil a carrot with three stalks of celery. Let boil until the vegetables are ready, and then remove from heat. Wait until they are cool and then mix them in a blender to obtain the juice. You should drink this juice before every meal until the abdominal swelling is gone. To enhance the effect you can add cumin, which will give more flavor to the juice adding its sedative and diuretic properties.

3. Infusion of lemon and syrup sap

This infusion is very powerful because the lemon, thanks to its astringent effect, favors strengthening the walls of the stomach, allowing better digestion, while helping to eliminate intestinal parasites. The syrup sap, from the forests of North America, removes toxins naturally thanks to its high levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Preparing this tea is very easy, you just have to mix 200 ml of syrup sap, 200 ml of lemon juice and 200 ml of boiling water in a bowl. Mix well until all ingredients are integrated. You should drink this each morning fasting until abdominal swelling is gone.


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