Self-massage to remove fatigue, stress and fear


We all know that corporal massages are extraordinary and very effective in relaxing the body, so much that they have been used since ancient times without going out of fashion.

We must also recognize that some massages are more effective than others when treating certain pains, and this is the case of treating body fatigue, where one of the most effective massages that exists for fatigue is the Do-In.


The Do-in is a self-massage used mostly in Japan, but it is based on Chinese tradition . When these two countries were at war there was a great cultural exchange between both countries. The Do-In is a treatment based on stretching , more than anything.

The Do-in has three stages:

  1. The first is the domination of our body through deep breathing and concentration.
  2. The second is warming the joints with gentle movements.
  3. Culminating with self-massage.

Benefits of Do-In self-massage:

  • Removes tiredness
  • Eliminates stress
  • Provides physical and mental relaxation
  • Relieves migraines and backaches
  • Aids digestion and circulation
  • Increases concentration
  • Helps to memory

How to perform a Do-In self-massage:

The Do-In massage should be performed in a relaxed atmosphere, without disturbances , for example in the comfort of our bedrooms, or in places in contact with nature (a beach or an open space). But we stress the importance of harmony when performing them.

Improve mood


By guiding yourself with the images 1A and 1B, massage these points with your fingers, starting with soft movements until your abdominal muscles are relaxed, perform the massage against the direction of clockwise. Then apply a little pressure a few centimeters above your belly button as shown in Figure 1B.

To harmonize and release stress


To relax your body and release tension, press with the finger the point indicated as shown in picture 2. Repeat this three times, leaving it pressed for several seconds.

To control fear


In order to free yourself of fear and nervous feelings, press the lateral point of your wrist, as shown in Figure 3.

To control irritability


To control the problems of irritability, you may press the tip of the middle finger for several seconds.

For liberating of uncertainty



For liberating of uncertainty, press in the points illustrated in the pictures 5 and 6.


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