Speed up your metabolism to lose weight


Do you have a few extra pounds? Maybe it’s because you’re not doing the things very well. While weight loss always requires some sacrifice, the trick is to speed up metabolism to lose weight quickly and effectively. Have they told you that the metabolism is genetic and therefore it can’t be changed? Well that is not true, this article will give you some tips to modify the metabolism and make it work faster.

What is metabolism?


Metabolism is the set of physical and chemical processes in the body that convert energy for its use. These processes are the basis of life because they allow cellular activity, that is, growth and reproduction of the cells of our body.


The metabolism activates during digestion since it is based on the absorption of the substances we ingest when eating and their subsequent transformation into energy for our body. In turn, the process of metabolism consists of two components: first anabolism, which creates the necessary substances to the body’s functioning, and second, the catabolism, by which energy is produced from the fractionation other substances.

If we follow certain guidelines to educate our metabolism, we can ensure that the energy produced by this is not accumulated as fat and calories ingested are burned properly. In order our metabolism functions properly it is essential to change the quality of the food we consume, eliminating those that do not provide nutrients and incorporating healthy foods with vitamins and minerals. Then we will give a series of tips for you to carry out this goal.

Tips to speed up metabolism

  1. Nutritious breakfast
    Having a nutritious breakfast helps your metabolism to start working properly as soon you wake up. Also, breakfast gives energy to our body that is worn when performing daily activities. For this reason, it is also advisable to take a light dinner because after dinner our body remains at rest for at least six hours. A study by the National Weight Control Registry from the United States showed that having a nutritious breakfast can lead to lower 30 kilos in five years.
    Examples of nutritious breakfasts are:
    a) A glass of milk and two slices of bran bread and tomato
    b) Cup of yogurt with fruit and nuts
    c) Sandwich with cheese, ham and greens with orange juice
  2. Water
    Water consumption is essential to maintain a healthy metabolism as drinking several liters of water a day helps to accelerate digestion and burn calories. It recommends consuming at least two liters of water daily.
  3. Green Tea
    Green tea is a great ally to speed up metabolism because its high percentage of protein helps activate the body through a process called thermogenesis which helps burn fat faster. The recommended amount is drinking five cups of green tea a day.
  4. Sports
    Playing sports is essential to maintain a healthy metabolism effectively. It is recommended to alternate the exercise intensity, whatever sport you make, so that your body consumes more energy and to strengthen the ability of cells to regenerate. The idea is to add thirty second intervals during which you perform your exercise increasing the intensity, and then continue by exercising normally.
  5. Proteins
    Adding some protein to your diet will help your body to burn more fat in less time. This is because they are more difficult to digest and, therefore, require using more energy metabolism. Also they cause a feeling of satiety that prevents us continue eating while favoring the growth of muscle and not fat. Among the proteins to consume, we recommend lean meats and eggs.
  6. Carbohydrates
    To accelerate the metabolism is essential to reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed as slower metabolism occur which promotes fat accumulation. We recommend reducing consumption of pasta, bread and potatoes.


Try these tricks and lose weight quickly and effectively.

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