These white spots on the nails are caused by trauma or disease


The white spots that appear on our nails are the result of trauma or disease, when they are the result of a trauma they mostly affect children and adolescents. There are several myths and misconceptions about these stains. In some cultures it is said that they are “gifts” that you are going to receive, in other cultures it is said they are “lack of calcium”, but the reality is different.

These white spots are the result of the leukonychia, which has different variations like:

  • Dotted leukonychia
  • Longitudinal leukonychia
  • Striated leukonychia
  • Partial leukonychia
  • Total leukonychia



The word leukonychia comes from the Greek “leuko “, which means white. This condition can be caused by different causes, for example, by repeated traumas in nails and fingers. Other incident that cause leukonychia is the overuse of detergents or other invasive substances that weaken nails.

There is also an “apparent leukonychia” which is not true. This also causes white spots on nails but with other colors.
Apparent leukonychia can be caused by various diseases such as liver cirrhosis, heart failure , diabetes and kidney failure.

For true leukonychia there is no treatment or malignant symptoms that affect our health, but it’s always good to know the origin of things.



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