This is what happens when you put an onion on your feet before bedtime


It is not new news the many home remedies that use onion as the main ingredient in their recipes and this is because all the medicinal properties that onion has.



Onion is effectively used in remedies for colds, cough, clean the lungs, detoxify the body and many other uses. Onion was also used in ancient times to absorb viruses existing in the air. It is not scientifically known that this works but thousands of people, especially in the West, used the onion in this way.

Onion is an excellent antibiotic and antibacterial, but those properties are perceived when this food is consumed.
Another very peculiar use which is based on traditional Chinese medicine is using the onion in the feet, with which the Chinese say that toxins from your body will be allegedly removed. It is not known by scientific source if it works, but Chinese say that yes and the best way to find out is to try.


  • Slice a red onion
  • Before going to sleep, place a slice of onion in the center of your feet
  • Use a sock so that the  onion remains adhered to the sole
  • You must place a slice of onion on each foot and repeat the procedure every night for five consecutive days


Benefits of the remedy

This Chinese remedy says that provides different health benefits including:

Purifying the blood:
Onion has phosphoric acid whereby the onion on your feet would help to eliminate toxins from your body.

Remove bacteria and germs:
Thanks to the antibiotic and antiviral properties of onions, your body may be released of germs and bacteria.


Note: these acclamations have not been scientifically proven, but we don’t lose anything by trying.

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