This leaf tea is 10,000 times more potent than chemotherapy


There are alternatives that are even more effective than pharmaceutical drugs. Nature gives us everything what we need to heal us, we just need to know what to use and how.

Soursop pulp has been used to treat cancer since long, but in this article we will discuss the soursop leaf, which infusion is even more powerful than the fruit itself.


Some people simply do not trust natural medicine. If you’re one of those people do not continue reading and save to yourself the negative comments.

There are many cases of people who have improved their condition and in some cases a complete cure, simply by using natural remedies.

The goodness and the difference of natural remedies is that they do not bring the negative effects that bring chemical medicines do. That is, if it does not help you as you expect, it won’t hurt you.

Soursop leaves tea




  • 1 cup of water
  • 5 leaves of soursop
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (optional)


Boil the water. Once it is boiling add soursop leaves and let them boil for three minutes, after 3 minutes take it off the heat and let it stand for 3 additional minutes. Finally, strain the tea and drink it. If you want, add a tablespoon of honey to sweeten.


Do not use if you suffer from Parkinson’s disease.

Some studies that prove the effectiveness of soursop

In 1976, Dr. Jerry McLaughlin of Purdue University, discovered the acetogenins of the ANONACEA GRAVIOLA, powerful anticancer. They continued this research at the National Cancer Institute proving its effectiveness in COLON CANCER and PROSTATE CANCER.


The National Health Center used it for other CANCERS (Gastric, breast and kidney). The Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Catholic University of South Korea conducted comparative studies with adriamycin (chemotherapy) in treatment of lung cancer.

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