Three remedies to remove stains on the face


The spots on the face are produced by different causes, either by the sun, acne or other reasons. We have very practical and economical recipes that will help you to remove them in a natural and effective way.

Remedies to remove stains on the face



We present these three powerful natural remedies that will help you remove stains from the face and whitening the affected skin. The ingredients of these remedies are readily available and their preparation is quite simple.

  1. Cream of oatmeal, honey and milk to remove stains on the face
    -5 tablespoons of liquid milk
    -30 g of oats
    -1 tablespoon of organic honey
    Mix all ingredients, and then apply the resulting paste on the face. Finally, leave this cream in place for about 15 minutes and then remove the paste with water.
  2. Rose water to remove stains from the face
    -150 grams of rose petals
    -1 liter of water
    Put water on the fire, once it is boiling add the rose petals and reduce heat to a minimum. Leave petals over low heat for about 2 hours. You will notice that the liquid is significantly reduced, but the infusion of roses will be in its perfect point to use against spots face.
  3. Citrus to remove stains on the face
    The juice of citrus fruits such as lemon, grapefruit and orange are natural whiteners par excellence.
    You can apply the juice of these fruits on the skin and leave it on for several minutes. Finally, remove with water.




Remember that when you’re taking treatments to remove stains from your face, you should avoid direct contact with sunlight.

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