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Tips to lose weight after pregnancy

For most women losing weight after giving birth is difficult due to natural reasons. If you’re one of them, the first thing to consider is that this is a completely normal phenomenon, so do not despair because you do not get the figure you previously had and be patient, if you work hard, with the run of time you will achieve to see you like you’ve never been pregnant. However, before you lose your calm, this article will teach you various tricks to lose weight after childbirth.

It is a process of slow weight loss, so it is recommended to take into account that the recovery of the weight before pregnancy takes between six and twelve months. In general, women lose half the weight of the baby six weeks after giving birth. Once those six weeks have passed, you can start dieting and exercise. However, it is very important that you do not avoid meals during those six weeks since you are breastfeeding during that period, while the body is recovering from birth.


Tips to lose weight after pregnancy

As we said earlier, regain normal weight after delivery is a slow process. However, there are certain tricks that we will give to you then to be able to speed up that process and see results faster.

1. Do not skip meals

It is very important that you keep your five meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. This is very important because if you eat every couple of hours, your metabolism remains active and avoids getting caught by anxiety attacks where you want to devour everything. Also, eating five times a day helps you to be full of energy to care for your baby and have all the necessary nutrients for breastfeeding. Of course, be sure that those meals are healthy and are mainly composed of fruits, vegetables, seeds and legumes.

We also recommend eating slowly, chewing each bite with awareness because many times we keep eating and our body is satisfied. In fact, according to scientific research, the brain takes half an hour to send the signal of satiety throughout the body, so we should enjoy meals and eat slowly and relaxed.

2. Rest

Everyone knows that with a newborn child is very difficult to sleep. However, keep in mind that, according to a study by the University of Stanford, sleeping helps to balance hormones that cause hunger, preventing you to be hungry all the time. So, although it is hard to sleep because the child cries or because you are worried about him, try to sleep when you can because the benefits of sleeping are really fantastic. Also, if you sleep well you have more energy to take care of your child.

3. Drink water

We recommend drinking two to three liters of water per day since, according to a research from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, water helps speed up your metabolism, promoting fat burning. In addition, if you are breastfeeding, it is very important to stay hydrated to produce breast milk.
Now, keep in mind that when we say water, we mean the water only, not any other liquid. Try to avoid soft drinks and juices because these drinks are loaded with sugar and calories, which make it hard for weight loss.

4. Exercising

If you consulted your doctor and he authorized you to do physical activity, you should start doing 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise. This means that you divide those 150 minutes during the week (you can do about 20 minutes of exercise per day). Among the sports that you can do there are walking to a light rhythm, yoga or gentle dance. If you go for a walk, you do not have to leave your child, you can take him for a walk in the stroller. Little by little you will incorporate higher intensity exercises.

5. Be patient

Finally, the most important thing is not to despair and try to reach the results quickly. The body is a machine of nature and postpartum needs time to recover. For this reason, have realistic expectations to avoid falling into frustration.

The arrival of the baby changes your routine but if you’re eager to regain the figure you had before pregnancy, try these tips.