Walnuts for losing weight


Some time ago it was thought that the nuts were interfering in our diet and made us gain weight. However, it has been recently discovered that if your goal is weight loss it requires that you incorporate walnuts to your daily diet because they allow you to lose the accumulated fat around the belly.

Walnuts, these nuts of the walnut tree, are actually beneficial for weight loss as well as they provide us with many benefits for our health such as the prevention of cardiovascular disease or the lowering of bad cholesterol (LDL).


However, keep in mind that walnuts have many calories (654 calories per 100 grams) so you should moderate their consumption.

Walnuts for losing weight


The best thing about walnuts is that they are one of the elements that nature provides us for losing weight excluding chemicals in our diet. While the walnuts are a native to Asia Minor and southeastern Europe, today they can be planted anywhere in the world. So if you prefer to eat the fruit directly from the plant, you can grow your own walnut tree which is also very beautiful aesthetically.

Among its slimming properties we can find:

  • Favoring the functioning of the metabolic process
  • Help burn fat located in the abdomen
  • They have very low sugar content
  • They are natural antioxidants for its high content of polyphenols
  • They have high levels of omega-3
  • Its consumption creates a feeling of satiety immediately because it increases serotonin levels
  • Its high fiber levels regulate intestinal transit
  • Promote the functioning of the digestive system

The important thing is to note that you just need 30 grams of walnuts to achieve weight loss. In fact, recent research from the University of Rovira i Virgili have shown that consuming 30 grams of walnuts for 12 weeks profoundly modifies the metabolism, lowers blood sugar levels and can make you burn more fat in less time.

Also, when the urine of research participants was analyzed, it was found that they had increased their levels of serotonin (a neurotransmitter that causes satiety in the body) and had reduced substances associated with inflammation of the abdomen.

It is also noteworthy that all nuts, being consumed in perspective, are healthy to lose weight. For this reason, if you get tired or get bored of eating walnuts every day you can go varying them with hazelnuts, almonds, cashews and pistachios. You can consume between five and eight walnuts (or other nuts) daily, both at breakfast, as a snack, or in juices, salads and with sauces.

Note that while the walnuts and dried fruits are very beneficial for weight loss, it is important that you complement its consumption with a healthy diet, constant exercise and consuming at least two liters of water a day.


Include walnuts to your diet moderately and you will see how beneficial they are to lose weight.

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