Why should we reduce the consumption of white bread?


White bread is a food really eaten but often those who eat it are unaware of the risks to health. Here is how it affects the health so you can be awareness and reduce its consumption.

First, as you know, white bread increases the chances of obesity because of the nature of its carbohydrates. According to a study by the University of Navarra (Spain) consuming two slices of white bread per day increases by 40 % the risk of becoming overweight.



Moreover, the flour with which white bread is made is modified by unnatural bleaching chemicals. Therefore, when eating white bread, you also eat the toxic of its flour.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that during manufacture, white bread loses nutrients like:

  • Good unsaturated fatty acids (they are high in nutritional value)
  • Vitamin E
  • 50% Calcium
  • 70 % Phosphorus
  • 80 % Iron
  • 98 % Magnesium
  • 75 % Manganese
  • 50 % Potassium
  • 65 % Copper

Consumption alternatives

One way to avoid white bread is replacing it with whole wheat bread and add a serving of this bread at every meal as it helps to cover the amount of carbohydrates recommended for a healthy diet. It also has the following benefits:

  • It’s rich in fiber
  • It acts against constipation
  • Helps prevent glucose levels in the blood rise
  • Helps prevent colon cancer
  • Reduces bad cholesterol
  • Stops the aging process of the cells


Reduce the consumption of white bread and see how that improves your health

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