You will not believe what happens if you combine lemon and clove in this way


Lemon and clove are two foods used in natural remedies to fight diseases in the human body, but what we present you this time will leave you with your mouth open.

Lemon is a powerful citrus and clove, like cinnamon, is quite powerful and widely used in the preparation of infusions.


What if you combine lemon and clove?


When combining these two powerful foods, an aroma which serves as a natural repellent to flies and other insects is formed.

If you have problems with flies, before going to the market to buy insecticides that, apart from correcting the plague, also cause damage to your health and that of your family, first try this homemade remedy that is as effective and powerful, and most importantly, it leaves no toxic residues as insecticides.

It is important to note that the flies and other insects are carriers of bacteria and diseases, just houseflies have about 1 million bacteria in their bodies, which can be transmitted when they sit on food, on your skin, or on some other surface.

What do I need to prepare this natural repellent?

To prepare this natural repellent you only need lemons and cloves. Its preparation is quite simple, all you have to do is to cut 2 lemons in half, and with a portion of clove embed in each of the halves of the lemons.

After you have lemons with the cloves embedded, proceed to place them in key strategic locations, in order to repel flies and other insects.




Try it and see how effective is this natural repellent, which leaves no toxic residue.

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