10 tips for eating less


Many times we eat healthy but, however, we do not lose weight. This is because the portion size is very generous. In this sense, the basis of an effective diet is to eat the right and necessary, but how can we do to achieve this if we are surrounded by anxiety or if we are facing a delicious dish? Do not worry, in this article we’ll show you different tricks so you can eat less without starving.

10 tips for eating less



1. Drink liquid before meals

One of the most important tips is to drink water or broth before eating as this reduces anxiety levels while generates a satiety effect. If you do not believe it, see for yourself, it is really effective. In addition, it isn´t recommended to drink liquids while we are eating because often the liquid is used to pass meals and keep eating even though we have already consumed what we need for our body.

2. Eat slowly

You need to chew a lot the food and to be awareness of what you are consuming. This will allow us to enjoy more of their flavor, while giving us time to tell our body that is already satisfied with what we have eaten.

3. It is not mandatory that you eat everything on the plate

Since we were kids we were accustomed to that we should not despise food because there were many hungry children who had no food. Overall, this memory remained in our minds and every time we serve us a lot, we do not stop eating until the end. The important thing at this point is that you eat until you’re satisfied and not feel guilty for food left on the plate. Remember, eating everything on the plate is not mandatory.

4. Eat from your plate

Perhaps it may seem that this makes no difference, but often we “peck” from the platter or package and we do not realize the amount of extra calories that we are adding to our body. In this sense, pour yourself a bowl the right size and avoid eating everything that is outside.

5. Fill your plate

Satiety often enters from the eyes. For this reason, we recommend that you fill your plate with vegetables, which give satiety and are low in calories.

6. Eat 5 times a day

If we do not skip meals and we do the breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks, the chances are that we are not hungry when we eat the next meal since this helps lower glucose levels, generating satiety.

7. Lessen measures

Research has proven that if we put food on a smaller plate than usual, we consume only what’s on that plate. The same applies if you use a smaller spoon, which helps us take smaller portions to mouth, giving time for the body to be found out when you are satisfied.

8. Save the leftovers

Before you start eating, we recommend that you keep all foods that are not necessary because it is likely that you consume them if you have them at hand. But if you have to go get it and heat it, it is more likely that you give up serving a second meal.

9. Eat fruit for dessert

Beware a place to eat a fruit then as this helps you feel satisfied without adding significant calories to your body.

10. Digestive Infusion

Finally, we recommend you finish meals drinking a digestive infusion, which will help your metabolism work better, digesting what is necessary and eliminating fats that are not converted into energy.



Try these ten tips for eating less and see how you manage to lose weight without starving.

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