Medicinal Properties of papaya seeds.


There are many different ways to prepare the papaya, usually people remove and throw away the seeds because most of them don´t know their medicinal properties and benefits that come from eating them.

This fruit has many medicinal properties, but this time will only write about the benefits of papaya seeds.


5 benefits from papaya seeds.

  • Help to lose weight and burn body fat.
  • Purify the kidneys.
  • Improve intestinal health and serve to eliminate intestinal parasites.
  • Protect the stomach lining.
  • Help to take care of the liver.

How to use papaya seeds.

Semillas lechoza

For the Liver.

Consume 6-10 ground seeds mixed with a tablespoon of lemon. Take this twice a day.

Eating papaya seeds to improve the digestive and intestinal system.

Digestion and intestinal parasites are often a problem for many people, to improve digestion and get rid of intestinal parasites you just have to chew and swallow 8 seeds of papaya 3 times a day.

Eating papaya seed for the kidneys

You should always worry about keep your kidneys well-functioning, and the seeds of papaya can help with that goal. You only need to chew and swallow 8 papaya seeds 3 times a day.

Eating papaya seeds to lose weight.

Consume 5-10 papaya seeds before every main meals in a day and notice how well it does to your figure.

Now you know the many benefits they provide papaya seeds to health, think again before throwing them away, you would be wasting many medicinal properties that offer this delicious fruit.



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